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Official OneStock connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Official OneStock Connector - Faster time to market, Lower TCO

This connector allows you to synchronize your stocks between your OMS and your Salesforce store and easily create Reserve & Collect orders. Easily propose new selling option to your clients and visibility on your store stocks on your e-commerce.

  • Import unified inventory to your online shop
  • Show availability in store from your product page
  • Increase web-to-store traffic with easy Reserve&Collect funnel on your product page

App features

Import Unified Inventory to your Online Store
  • Automate your stock imports in Salesforce
Show availability in stores for your product, with a store locator
  • A call-to-action on the product detail page opens a pop-in that displays a store locator and the availability of stock in each store.
Easy Reserve & Collect funnel in the product detail page
  • From the product detail page, the customer can easily reserve an item in stock in a given store, with no payment
  • Increase web-to-store traffic to the stores
  • The customer pays directly in the store
  • Only minimal information is requested from the customer, allowing an express checkout, to increase the conversion rate.

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